NFT meaning >> Best NFT Marketplaces ( 2022 - 2023 )

There are top NFT art marketplaces, which have the largest user scale, and there are the best NFT art marketplaces for artists. What are the most used NFTs art websites and where is the best place to buy NFTs


NFT meaning >> NFT marketplace

The world's first and largest digital marketplace. Create, buy, sell, and auction NFTs


NFT meaning >> NFT marketplace

SuperRare makes it easy to create, sell, and collect rare digital art


NFT meaning >> NFT marketplace

NFT Marketplace to turn your products or services into publicly tradeable items

Axie Infinity

NFT meaning >> NFT marketplace

Marketplace Dashboard - Buy, sell and explore Axie Infinity in-game collectibles.

NBA Top Shot

NFT meaning >> NFT marketplace

NBA Top Shot - To buy, sell, and collect NBA NFTs that showcase influential “Moments”


NFT meaning >> NFT marketplace

Playground for artists, curators and collectors to experience the new creative economy

Nifty Gateway

NFT meaning >> NFT marketplace

All-in-one platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store digital art and collectibles!

Larva Labs

NFT meaning >> NFT marketplace

Larva Labs - The leading online destination for men's contemporary fashion and streetwear.

NFT meaning > What is an NFT Marketplace?

NFT marketplaces are online platforms where NFTs can be bought, sold or created. NFT marketplaces can be thought of as huge online stores, where users can buy and sell NFTs offered. NFTs are hosted on the blockchain, which makes NFT marketplaces use a crypto wallet to store NFTs after purchase.

You prefer to buy such a unique file in a well-arranged place. Especially when it comes to thousands or millions of euros. This is where the NFT marketplace comes into the picture. You can think of these websites as a kind of eBay for NFTs. Anyone can and may participate, but must act according to the rules of the marketplace. This way, both parties know that they are not being scammed. The NFT marketplace therefore provides a kind of service, for which in many cases you also pay a small percentage commission to the platform. What you can buy on an NFT marketplace depends on the platform itself. Not all NFT marketplaces use the same rules. There are places where really everyone can offer their goods for sale, but there are also trading platforms that are much more exclusive. After all, you don't want to offer a digital 'Mona Lisa' for sale at a flea market.

NFT meaning > What's the best NFT marketplace for you

There are millions, if not billions of NFTs on the market. It would be confusing to have all these NFT tokens in one place. There is a huge difference between NFTs: the most well-known form is digital art, but there are also NFTs that stand for a music file, in-game item, a basketball sticker, Tweet or even digital cats! Fortunately, there are several NFT marketplaces that each have their own specialization. Which NFT platform is right for you? On we have listed a number of large or well-known marketplaces.


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